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Are you. . .

An Artist, Singer, Dancer, Choreographer, Instrumentalist, Poet, Writer, Stand-up Comedian, Speaker, Photographer, Storyteller or Someone with diverse talent ?

This is for you. . .

What is TDS ?

"The Downtown Star" is a platform for emerging talents who wish to showcase their talent to the world out there and seek their recognition with their very own talent.

What we do ?

Under the banner of "The Downtown star" we provide a platform to all the talent with a diverse background and help them to learn, earn, grow, connect & become an eminent personality. we organize many types of events and give our TDS member a chance to perform.


How to join TDS ?

If you like the idea and wish to join us, then please follow these simple steps :

1. Register yourself with TDS (Submit the form given below)

& fill all the details carefully.

2. Drop a message with your brief intro on our WhatsApp channel.

(WhatsApp no. +91 9356161189.)

3. We will deliver a confirmation on mail and WhatsApp and contact you asap.

4. Welcome to #TDS.

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Welcome to "The Downtown Star"

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